1099 Medical Rep Mission Statement

It is the mission of 1099 Medical Rep to provide Independent 1099 Medical Reps with all the tools and training to be HIGHLY successful. We offer Medical Practices onsite physical testing, lab testing, services, products, and knowledge to meet a wide range of Medical Practices patient’s needs. Simultaneously¬†1099 Medical Rep offers Doctors additional income streams and a state of the art MACRA Reporting system to ensure optimal health care for their patients through quality, superior customer service, and commitment.

Meet The Team

Reidar Nettleship

Has over 17 years of experience in the Medical Equipment Industry and over 30 years as an Entrepreneur.  Nettleship worked for JoViPak, Peninsula Bio-Medical as well as Farrow Medical helping establish new products and sell their products and services throughout North America. Before working in the Medical industry he was a co-founder of Network Magic Unlimited and a Wall Street Stock Broker.

Managing Partner


Bryan Muhlenbruch

Bryan Muhlenbruch has over 28 years of Executive Management experience in the clinical laboratory industry. Muhlenbruch has directed and managed sales teams for Laboratory Corporation of America (LabCorp), Pathology Inc., Westcliff Medical laboratory, Lab Genomics, Orange County Labs, and BDL laboratory. He is Founder of the medical billing company M.D. Profit, Inc. and of Medical Distribution Partners, Inc.

Managing Partner

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